American Success

America seems to equate success with money.  America looks up to wealthy businessmen as successful people.  But as we all know, no private business has ever succeeded all on its own.  Private businesses have always depended on the public.  The public has paid for the roads the business uses.  The public has subsidized the electricity any business uses.  The public universities have invented the computers and internet that so many businesses use.  No private business has provided all these resources for itself.

Americans also seem to think that businessmen use their profit to create jobs, therefore they deserve to make lots of money.  But if they didn’t have workers, they wouldn’t have a business.  It’s the workers who make the profit for the business owner – no workers, no profit, no business. The workers deserve their share of the profit.  A well-paid employee saves the business owner money by lowering training costs for replacing unhappy employees who leave.  A well-paid employee will be more loyal to the company and work hard to make it a success.  The employer and the employee both win.

America’s economy is based on growth – the economy needs people to buy goods.  Companies need people to buy goods.  If workers are paid more, they have the money to buy more and grow the economy.  Having a living wage for everyone will not kill jobs – it will create more as there will be more people buying goods, so we will need more people to make the goods, therefore there will be more jobs for making those goods. Reducing income inequality by paying workers more boosts economic growth. Again, everyone wins.

Carl Spoerer will work for providing everyone with a living wage.  He will work to see that there is equal pay for equal work.  Carl Spoerer will represent the working class.

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