Need For Change

The Need for Change


For years the world has looked to America for leadership.  Our universities have attracted students and researchers from around the world.  America has been seen as a beacon of Democracy, a land of opportunity and equality.  Our military is the most powerful in the world.  But we’re reaching a crisis point now as the world is on the edge of destruction.  The climate crisis is real and we will soon reach the point of no return, where we can’t salvage the Earth as we know it. We need to change and change soon if we’re going to survive.  Change is hard.  No one who is comfortable likes to change, but it is precisely those who are comfortable who can afford to do something to bring about changes.  Here are three major changes that may help us survive.

First, we must examine our lifestyles.  The earth’s resources are not endless – most of us know this, but many of us just hope for the best because we don’t want to change our lifestyles.  Land, air, energy, and water must be conserved, not wasted or polluted. Mother nature cannot absorb all the pollution that we dump into her water and air.  We can all do some of the little things like turning off lights that aren’t being used or shutting off the water when we’re brushing our teeth, but that is not enough.  Bigger changes have to be made such as getting off fossil fuels and having stricter control of corporate polluting, but corporations are resistant to change also.  They want to keep making money like they’ve always done. It’s true that changes will cost them money in the short run but the cost of cleaning up after themselves or paying for lawsuits would cost them even more while hurting the rest of us in the meantime.

Secondly, we need to change our attitudes towards each other.  We wouldn’t be as comfortable as we are today with all our modern conveniences if it weren’t for researchers and scientists who invent our technology and find cures for diseases.  Academics should not be scorned or distrusted, but embraced and supported.  Likewise, how would our society function if no one collected the garbage or plowed snowy roads or operated our restaurants?  Everyone has value in our society and we shouldn’t hold one profession in higher esteem over another.  Our capitalist society promotes this attitude of certain professions being deemed more valuable/marketable and causing people to choose professions based on money rather than what they enjoy working at.  If we could change our attitudes, we could all raise each other up to a comfortable existence.  We should do as actor Paul Walker said – “Remember that no matter how cool you think you may be, you’re not cool enough to look down on anyone … ever.”

Lastly, we must consider our humanity. Right now, the world is looking at the United States and seeing us implode as racial and cultural rifts expand.  We are setting the example that it’s okay to discriminate and treat others poorly in order to feel more powerful or make more money.  They see our selfishness in pulling out of the Paris Accords on the climate crisis that every other country in the world has signed onto. They see us refusing to let refugees into our country, when we have more resources to share than many other countries.  Our example is being echoed in other countries now as they turn refugees away or discriminate against immigrants.  We need to regain the respect of the world as a moral country, one that treats everyone fairly, one that opens its doors to people who need help, one that addresses the wealth gap in our society.  We should lead by example rather than by military might.

We all need to change if the human race is going to survive and if America is going to have a major positive influence on the world by its actions. The wealthy 1% in America thinks that they don’t have to change because they think their wealth will insulate them from the coming disasters, that they will still have food to eat and energy to burn, but even they won’t be able to escape the inevitable. One of our powers as individuals is voting for representatives who will act on our behalf. Carl Spoerer will be part of the change that we need by bringing common sense to Congress and looking out for the majority of America rather than the 1%.  He will work to protect the world we all need to live in. We need Carl Spoerer.

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