Our federal government was formed because our founding fathers knew that the individual colonies would be stronger together.  The colonies were able to fight off the tyranny of England and become the United States because they worked together for a common cause.


Now we face a different type of tyranny, one that is within our borders, tyranny as defined as the cruel use of power.  In this case, it is economic power, the power of the 1%.  The 1% uses it wealth and power to influence our elections and the laws that our government enacts in order to make even more money.  This is not done to enrich everyone, just the 1%.  The 1% are not looking out for all Americans, they are just looking out for themselves with little regard for the rest of us.  Worker unions are one of the obstacles that stand in the way of the greed of the 1%.


Worker unions are another example of how we are stronger together.  Many business owners try to increase their profit by paying their employees less or offering fewer benefits to them.  Before there were unions, owners could get away with this in times of job shortages because they knew that they could get people who were desperate for work and would accept low wages.  By joining together and refusing to let anyone work until a fair wage was settled on, unions forced such business owners to pay  a decent wage.  The American working class grew stronger with the help of unions.  But now that the wealthiest 1% are running our country, unions are under attack more than ever because the 1% are only interested in more profit.


It has been shown that strong unions help reduce economic inequality.  The number of American workers in unions has dropped to under 12% which has contributed to the widening income gap. The decline in Union membership is directly correlated to the overall decline in the working class wages. All working class people are directly impacted by this decline and are equally hurt by attacks on the Unions. Carl Spoerer knows this and supports preserving and strengthening our worker unions.  He rejects the misnamed Right to Work laws and the continued efforts that are intended to destabilize the unions’ ability to fully support and protect its workers. He rejects the privatization of federal and state projects which further weakens union representation.  Carl Spoerer will fight the attacks on the Davis-Bacon Act, the Prevailing Wage Act, the Employee Free Choice Act, striker replacement, representation of non-Union membership, and open shops. Carl will look out for the interests of the working class.

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