Tax Scam Plan

Yesterday’s vote showed us that Representative Shimkus just doesn’t care about his constituents. His vote showed us that he doesn’t care if 13 million people have their health insurance taken away or if our Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are threatened.  Shimkus’ vote was another example of who he really is – someone who would enrich himself and his corporate donors at our expense. Shimkus’ vote was also another example of how he ignores our voices.

We’re in a time of unprecedented income inequality and a tax heist for the wealthy and corporations was the wrong thing to do. We, the working people, will feel the effects of this abomination of a tax plan while the wealthy and corporations keep adding to their coffers.  Rep. Shimkus continues to put corporations over people, millionaires over children, the wealthy over the sick, money over morality, and party over country.

Rep. Shimkus got a do-over on his votes this week, but the constituents of IL15 will only have one chance to get him out of office.  Voting for Carl Spoerer is that chance. Carl will always put the working people over corporations. Carl will ensure your voice is heard and that your voice will count.

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