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Carl intends to replace the incumbent, Rep. John Shimkus, in the Illinois 15 Congressional District in 2018. Shimkus’ voting record reveals he votes 100% for corporations, 92% for taxing the working class, and only 5% favoring labor rights and wages. Carl will return representation to the people.

His number one goal is to bring back the thousands of jobs lost to the district. In a number of district communities approximately 10-18% of jobs have been lost. This has created far too many hardships for people. Through the creation of Job Leadership Teams (citizens, workers, union leaders, business leaders, and state/federal officials) Carl will initiate regional economic plans and seek the necessary resources to bring manufacturing, clean energy, and other industry jobs to the District.

Carl opposes fracking and believes that climate change must be reversed. His goal is to implement wind and solar projects that will protect the environment and provide employment. 

District 15 residents do not have the financial resources they need for our communities to flourish. Recent budget cuts and a broken healthcare system further exacerbate this problem. Carl’s goal is to provide affordable healthcare to everyone in the district. Mental health centers and community mental health agencies must receive the appropriate funding to combat poverty, opioid addiction, PTSD, and a myriad of other mental health issues that affect the constituent’s ability to be a productive member of the community. Carl strongly supports our veterans and intends to make sure they receive the services and care they need.

Carl will be an open, accessible representative who will never forget the needs of working men and women in the 15th Illinois Congressional District.


Carl was born in Bradford, PA, a close-knit farming community, and spent many summers working on a farm. He learned business skills early on from his father, a comptroller, and his mother, a financial analyst. He graduated in 1985 with a finance degree from the University of Illinois. He started his own business, currently known as Rural Country Marketing Corp, over 21 years ago. He lives in rural Mahomet with his wife, Kara, a veterinarian. Carl and Kara have three children of high school & college age. Carl has played and coached rugby and other sports for many years. He currently volunteers as the University of Illinois rugby coach.

Carl is not a career politician. He is running for office because of a strong desire to return democracy to the people. ‘My grandfather, Merle Henry Beck, was a union pipe-fitter and big believer in the importance of democracy,’ says Carl. ‘He was a man of strong morals and lots of patience. He taught me the importance of a firm handshake and to always do exactly what you said you’d do.’

Carl is an independent voice who will fight to protect unions (the backbone of the working class), Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, and critical farming programs. His goal is to bring good paying jobs to the district, create a healthcare system that includes coverage for everyone, improve public education, and use renewable energy programs to reduce carbon emissions.

Carl’s strong business background, coupled with his rural roots and coaching experience, helps give him a deep understanding of the values and needs of Illinois 15 voters. He will always put these values and needs above corporations and campaign donations.

‘Midwestern values are strong in the 15th, states Carl. ‘We are hardworking, honest, and good stewards of the land. We’re the backbone of the country and the stabilizing voice that brings us back to center when we’ve strayed off course. I’m running to represent those values in Washington. Together we can make history.’

“When the story of these times gets written, we want it to say that we did all we could, and it was more than anyone could have imagined.”

— Bono


Carl Spoerer will put the greater public good first. He will not sell his vote to corporate interests putting his constituents values and needs aside. -Don Gerrard


Endorsements and supporters
Of the Independent Leadership

  • Katie White

    “I endorse Carl Spoerer for his commitments to fairness for everyone, growth in the 15th vía industry and jobs, concerns about the issues we all face living in Central and Southern Illinois as a less prosperous area of the state, and for being vocal about the issues that matter to me as a professional educator. as a Coach he knows what it takes to lead and isn’t afraid to do it. I’m ready for change and growth.”

  • Katie Miller

    “Carl respects Illinois citizens’ right to affordable health care- we need a candidate that won’t allow insurance companies to exclude coverage of pre-existing conditions, put us into high-risk pools, and won’t cut essential health benefits such as maternity, pediatrics, mental health and prescription. Americans will die if these come back into the marketplace.”

  • Diane Summers

    “I endorse Carl Spoerer because he has a great vision for all of Il15, not just the top 1%.”

  • Dwight Smith

    “Carl sound like the sort of person who I might be able to work with in Washington D.C. I would hope he will support and work with me to make Our Campaign for The American People successful for all of us.”

  • Katherine Yager

    “John Shimkus promised he would limit his term, then he backed out of his own sworn promise. He only follows whatever the Rups tell him to do. Not a southern Il. thinker or rep. he is just another rubber stamp Republican. I want representation for my area, not just the party line.”

  • Brandice Connor

    “We have to support socially progressive candidates. Bigotry, racism, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia are out, progressive all-inclusiveness is in!”


Don Gerrard

is voting for Carl Spoerer

Carl isn’t a politician.  He is a genuine aspiring public servant who will put the greater good first!

Sandra Mott

is voting for Carl Spoerer

“Carl is a decent, honest man who truly cares about people. Our district needs a Representative who will listen to us and represent our interests in Washington, not those of corporations. I wholeheartedly support him to be our Representative and urge you to do the same.” – Sandra Mott

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